Wednesday, February 4, 2009


veidtmethodChapter 8, Page 1, Panel 2

Panel 2 centers on a bottle of Nostalgia perfume, an item in the Veidt cosmetics line.  Throughout Watchmen, bottles of Nostalgia perfume appear in many characters’ homes, in newspaper advertisements, and in television commercials.  The ubiquitous presence of Nostalgia perfume, a Veidt product, shows the overwhelming and obscure control the Veidt has over society, which he uses to his advantage as much as possible.  Moore uses the image of the Nostalgia perfume as a simple motif, but the importance of the motif is not noticed until later in the novel when Veidt admits to being the person behind the mysterious murders and disappearances and the attack on New York City.

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  1. What could be the significance of the name 'Nostalgia'?